Refer A Friend

Introducing our Refer a Friend scheme, new for 2023!

We’re incentivising existing clients to refer family, friends and colleagues in return for a £50 gift voucher from either One4all or Just Eat.

We take great pride in our customer experience and want to help as many people as possible get the best, most appropriate deal on their mortgage and life insurance.

Gift vouchers will be sent once your referral has completed on a mortgage or life insurance product arranged through Ferro Financial. The more referrals you make, the more gift vouchers you can receive – just make sure you or your referral let us know you’ve sent them our way.

Terms and Conditions

Ferro Financial Ltd “Refer a Friend” scheme is available on referrals made by existing clients of Ferro Financial Ltd from 1st January 2023.

For the purpose of the following terms and conditions, the individual making the referral will be addressed as the “referrer”, the individual being referred will be addressed as the “referred client” and the £50.00 gift card will be referred to as the “referral gift”.

The referrer is eligible to receive a referral gift once the referred client has completed on a mortgage or started a life insurance policy arranged by Ferro Financial Ltd. The referral gift will be sent to the referrer, through a method chosen by Ferro Financial Ltd, shortly after the referred client has completed on the mortgage or started the life insurance policy.

The number of referrals a referrer can make is unlimited.

Ferro Financial Ltd will only consider a referred client to be referred by a single referrer as part of this scheme. In the event where there is more than one referrer for a referred client, only one referrer will be eligible for a referral gift, determined by Ferro Financial Ltd. The referrer will not be eligible to receive and referral gift in the event Ferro Financial Ltd have not being notified of the referral before an application is submitted for the referred client.

In the event that Ferro Financial Ltd is unable to procure the exact referral gift stated, the referrer will receive a substitute referral gift of commensurate value. There is no cash alternative to the referral gift.

If the referrer is sharing information for the referred client directly with Ferro Financial Ltd, the referrer is responsible for ensuring the referred client has consented to the sharing of their information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The referrer will indemnify Ferro Financial Ltd for any loss or claim arising from failure to adhere to this. Ferro Financial Ltd has the right to withdraw this offer at any time.