Other Services

Bridging Loan

Bridging loans are short-term finance solution, typically required when normal mortgage financing is not available. Bridging loans are available on residential, buy-to-let and commercial property.

We offer a limited number of bridging loan options on residential and buy-to-let property. Where we cannot provide the required bridging loan, we can put you in touch with experienced professionals who specialise in bridging finance.

Alternative Finance

Alternative finance options typically relate to commercial finance, development finance and asset finance.

Individuals and businesses, whether you’re looking to purchase offices, retail space, factories, restaurants, develop land, build properties or purchase a non-property asset, we can put you in touch with experienced professionals who specialise in alternative types of finance, suitable for your needs.


A solicitor is required for the legal matters on all purchase and remortgage applications. We can provide a quote from our recommended solicitors who provide a comprehensive service with excellent reviews and competitive pricing. If you wanted to proceed with our recommended solicitors, we would instruct them and they would be in contact with you directly.

Mortgage lenders will often provide a free basic legal service on a remortgage application. The solicitor is chosen by the mortgage lender in these circumstances. Alternatively, mortgage lenders often offer cashback if you are using your own solicitor for a remortgage.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is an umbrella term for buildings insurance and contents insurance. While often sold together, they are two separate types of insurance. Buildings insurance for the full reinstatement value is a requirement from all mortgage lenders and is detailed as a condition of the mortgage offer. Contents insurance is not a requirement of the mortgage, but is recommended.

We do not arrange home insurance in-house as many homeowners prefer to source this independently. However, we can refer you to a specialist home insurance broker if you require advice.

Wills and Estate Planning

Arranging a Will is part of the esate planning process. Estate planning can help reduce your inheritance tax liability and ensure the proceeds of your estate are received by those who you would want to benefit from it. It is importnat to keep your Will updated when circumstances change. Without a Will, the proceeds of your estate would allocated as per the rules of intestacy.

Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we are not authorised via PRIMIS Mortgage Network to advise on them, these will be referred to a third party.

We can put you in touch with experienced professionals who can arrange your Will and provide estate planning services.

Surveys / EPCs

A survey is typically recommended when purchasing a property. A survey provides a comprehensive report on most aspects of the property. This can highlight current or potential issues which you may not have identified.

We can provide a quote for varying levels of property surveys, Help to Buy Equity Loan valuations, basic valuations and Energy Performances Certificates (EPC).

All surveys are performed by a RICS surveyor. Surveys available include Level 1 (Condition Report), Level 2 (Homebuyers Survey), Level 3 (Building Survey).