Life Insurance: An Alternative View

Life Insurance – something many understandably don’t want to talk about, don’t want to think about and don’t want to pay for! Life insurance refers to various policies which include cover for being unable to work, suffering a critical illness or death. The FCA recommends decreasing life insurance and decreasing critical illness insurance to cover any mortgage debt. We feel this one size fits all approach, focused on clearing debt rather than living life, doesn’t allow you to see the value the policies can have and it only scratches the surface of providing a comprehensive portfolio of protection for you and any family you have.

Statistics tell us that one in two people will get cancer at some time in their lives and cardiovascular disease is prevalent in our population. Suffering a critical illness and/or being unable to work is considerably more likely than passing away. It arguably creates a greater financial mess as life continues and expenses often rise even though income stops. Our focus is on providing you with life insurance that allows you to thrive in the face of ill-health. This can be done through a range of policies to protect your income, your ensuing health and your children’s future, above and beyond just clearing the mortgage. Life insurance products can keep you in your home, they can help you recover from a major illness and they can allow your children to grow up with the financial support you would have provided them if you’re gone – it can do so much more than just clear the mortgage.

We insure our cars, homes, pets and even replaceable possessions without thinking twice. Is our own life not worth insuring for those we may leave behind or if there should come a time our physical or mental capabilities fail us?

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